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One Phone Call
4:38 PM
the time the music fell
4:38 PM
what only time could tell
4:38 PM
hearing raindrops in your voice
4:38 PM
scrapbooks torched by anothers choice
4:52 PM
lockers and photographs flow
4:52 PM
see the laughter you'll never know
5:16 PM
painting teacups ment to crush
5:16 PM
the ice age of pains rush
5:23 PM
tiny stitches only now are seen
5:23 PM
only unraveling brings notices gleam
5:28 PM
floating in brevity
5:28 PM
all the world is quiet just for me
5:38 PM
cold bricks on my back
5:38 PM
forward? anything but that
:iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 2 5
The Breaks In Eternity
sheets calling with numbing lights
pupils dilated by the slick concrete
                                                                                           drifting off
:iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 1 6
deviantID by LostInTheLights deviantID :iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 0 0
A record is playing but no one can find
The source of the music, the source of time
So we’re helpless to listen to song after song
Not knowing the words, not knowing how long
I want to rewind to when the air was your staff
Listen on repeat to the sound of your laugh
I’d fast forward to sunsets and warm summer nights
I’d skip over the songs that I didn’t like
But instead we’re dancing to beats unknown
Trying to dance in the shoes that we’ve grown
And all we can do is smile and choose
The people we dance with and the steps that we use
Now I offer my hand to the opening notes
I don’t see anyone else in the swirl of long skirts and coats
So lets dance like no ones watching no matter what the song
Because for the dance floor of life there’s no one I’d rather bring along
:iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 2 6
Swimming through a sea of muted hues
Running together like fresh watercolors
You come in with your thick black lines
Not to be ignored
Into focus
Surrounded by blurs of conformity
:iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 1 8
Keyless Waltz
Blindfolded in a freshly painted room
Looking for the key to a lock she can’t see
Four walls of bright color only seen by the moon
Searching gets her nothing but stains you can’t see
She’s growing weary from taking chances
Hopeful leaps of hope only to fall
Every time she’s happy she dances
But comes to find she’s imagined it all
Wondering why they’ve all left her to dance alone
And why even she doesn’t know what she seeks
All she wants is the one to call her home
She wants to taste wonder of which everyone speaks
Shes still stumbling looking to get into her own heart
In all the songs and stories she just wants a part
:iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 2 3
Summer Always Melts
Someday in some scorching summer
Under a shining Saturday sun
With simple seagulls saying
Everyone should sample love and fun
They laughed their little lives away
Like long lighted lives tend to
Listening to those legendary songs
Like only the young do
Then  snow fell first one Friday
For frigid nights befell
And feathers became frozen
summer love melted when no one could tell
:iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 1 3
virtually considered a cure
soundtrack for woes
though tones breathe life
listen to history
strong changes
current climate of growth
radical changes in thinking under the surface
miserable innovation of the habit
and nontranditional things
end to pain
:iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 1 2
I Know Something You Don't
Silent power choking throats
Root of deception and deceit of friends
For the protection of precious anecdotes
Putting on masks and playing pretend
Weight on every shoulder
Fear of prejudice or judgments’ axe
Adding, growing, weighting like a boulder
Translucent but ponderous emotional tax
Little hands cupped to an ear
Pinkie swear you won’t tell
Read this when no ones hear
Swear these words you won’t sell
All shapes and sizes for every heart
But to every one the secrets part
:iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 1 0
No Outlet
I am running in circles on this worn brick track
I can’t ever go forward and I can’t go back
Every door I open up shows me the same room
My thoughts are not my own but obsessions tomb
No outlet
No ending
No outlet
No escape
No outlet
No ending
Is more than
I can take
I am running a hole in my mind
With everything thoughts entwined
But I can’t hope to fall through the floor
cuz I can’t even think anymore
No outlet
No ending
Is more than
I can take
No outlet
No ending
Is my only
self hate
:iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 0 2
I've Drempt Of Love And Roses by LostInTheLights I've Drempt Of Love And Roses :iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 1 2 I Dream Of Love And Roses by LostInTheLights I Dream Of Love And Roses :iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 0 0 Love Of Magic by LostInTheLights Love Of Magic :iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 0 0 Love Pride by LostInTheLights Love Pride :iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 5 2
Heart Dust
behind my eyes there is a canvas
of weightless sparkles in blue
where tiny magic dust
form wishes of something true
my thoughts wander and just as, I think of something else
glittering pictures take me somewhere, outside of myself
when the air is painted opaque
and I'm searching for your face
the haze steals pieces from my memory
I'm looking for reality not traced
then unbound in glitter clearly, you look at me and smile
and the magic lets me know your loving gaze, if for a while
then glitter falls away again
into nights pitch blue
my lips form pleas in vain
this is beyond what I can tell to do
I'm only hoping for the real thing, and wishing I could be right
and my foolishness is whispering, that sometime just might
:iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 3 5
Thoughts At the Window
My walls of porcelain dolls
And afternoon sunshine
Have seen too much of me
Inside they’re crumbling with time
And too many coats of paint
from too many days past
and something tells me inside
like my sanity they won’t last
I’m looking for the date
Of an important ball
Where they told me you’re grown now
Now you have to take it all
And they forgot to give a guide
To the challenges I’d face
Or the chance to shirk my duty
And sit back and take up space
Du du dee duuuu dee du dee duuuuuuum
Du du dee duuuu dee du dee duuuuuuum
I’m not in this alone
But I’ve got so far to go
And I’m already healing scars
What if I’m not on the right road
Du du dee duuuu dee du dee duuuuuuum
Du du dee duuuu dee du dee duuuuuuum
And here I am again
Penning words in rhyme
What is it about rain
That makes me waste my time
And why is it that I
Can never stay in line
Never doing things the right way
Never being the right kind
Du du dee duuuu dee du dee duuuuuuum
Du du
:iconlostinthelights:LostInTheLights 0 8

Random Favourites

Mature content
lesbian :iconlesbica:lesbica 621 372
thinking about younger years by spanish-lullabies thinking about younger years :iconspanish-lullabies:spanish-lullabies 2 2 Cancun Church II by emeraldsun Cancun Church II :iconemeraldsun:emeraldsun 1 0 Looking Up by Tainted-Photographs Looking Up :icontainted-photographs:Tainted-Photographs 3 2 .:Love:. by I-Pretend-Im-Asian .:Love:. :iconi-pretend-im-asian:I-Pretend-Im-Asian 5 15
Being bi
Being bi is something that comes from inside your heart,
Not something inside a bottle of booze turned loose with some hardcore tunes,
Being bi is who you are,
Not an outfit your trying on,
Being bi is not a choice,
not a chance for popularity,
Being bi is loving both genders,
Not kissing your freinds to turn a few heads,
Being bi is being born that way,
Not being born straight or gay,
Being bi is being you,
Not kissing and feigning romance for social status.
Being bi is not a choice,
Not a choice for popularity,
Being bi is confusion,
Not knowing what you do is for kicks,
Being bi is about love,
Not about fun.
Being bi is about being you,
Not being someone else.
:icontei-rei:Tei-rei 221 204
The Girl On The Cloud
Far away on a cloud
There's a girl who wishes
She wishes on every star she sees
She wants a true love
Like every other girl
But not the  kind that makes us roll our eyes and say, "please"
But this one was different
Her prince was a princess
She wanted a kingdom to rule
With her Queen by her side
Servants to her left
And of course a Court Fool
But this girl was confused
Because she wanted a prince too
Was it so terrible to want both?
Most girls she knew
Only liked boys
But she was different than most.
She didn't know
Anyone like her
So she was quiet and shy
She'd just sit up on her cloud
As it rained on the world
She cried and cried and cried.
:iconalias00:Alias00 21 8
Cancun Church by emeraldsun Cancun Church :iconemeraldsun:emeraldsun 1 0 Everything Turns Out Wrong by lucasinphotoshop Everything Turns Out Wrong :iconlucasinphotoshop:lucasinphotoshop 74 8 Bisexual by DevilsLittleSister Bisexual :icondevilslittlesister:DevilsLittleSister 539 96 look how i shine for you by KissTheNoise look how i shine for you :iconkissthenoise:KissTheNoise 682 60 love yerself by shesbiketuff love yerself :iconshesbiketuff:shesbiketuff 5,127 1,080
Moved too much to know a home
Eyes as cold and rough as bone
Aura black as ebony
When you stain his memory
Innocent as pure white snow
'Till you give him none to know
Solitary hands stand still
As his heart goes for the kill
Unaware of his own strength
Unwilling to go the length
Desperate for a life deprived
Sad and sorry jet-black eyes
An embrace so warm it's bold
To know his world is ice cold
Arms outstretched and blindly crying
For the love he's been denying
:iconi-pretend-im-asian:I-Pretend-Im-Asian 2 14
Last September
If I could see you again I'd stick my fingers into your navel
to feel if your core was soft
or hard
or if you even had anything there at all
I'd hold your lungs in the center of my hands
to see if they were black purple blue
from all that cancer
I couldn't make you spit out
I want to see you again
To tell you,
"I hate your hair like that"
"I hate that you left me"
"I hate what you've become"
Then I'd take it back
and say something nice
You'd still borrow my perfume,
I think,
because from the ends of your hair to the tips of your shoes you smell like tobacco
and you don't want your mom to know that you've been killing yourself
You don't mind that I know
I won't scold you
out loud
I feel like you have no power in your life
And it's not my place to say, but,
I feel like you've tangled your talent into spider webs
and thrown them away
I feel like you've bitten off your nose
to spite your face
and I wish it wasn't true but
you deserve it
you deserve everything you get
If I could go back
I w
:iconagoddessfinch:AGoddessFinch 31 17
Mr. Kitty
When I was thirteen and into pseudo-Gothic subculture I decided that I was going to start a band. We'd be called Mr. Kitty and we'd play hardcore music. Kind of like Mindless Self Indulgence and Atreyu, if both those bands didn't suck. I couldn't play any instruments and I was too shy to sing in public so I let the idea get stuck in cobwebs in the back of my throat.
Mr. Kitty played sold-out concerts in the back of my head. We never grew old and we never broke up. We didn't win a Grammy. We did get nominated, though.
I wrote songs for my fake band then threw them away.
We changed our name to I Found Nemo for a while but then there was this copyright issue and it was all "Lawsuit This" and "Pay Millions That" so we had to change it back.  It was cool though because I didn't even like I Found Nemo; it was a pretty sell-out name. If that was our name we'd tour with Fall Out Boy and Panic! At the Disco only to fade into obscurity several months later.
Our band's favorite colors w
:iconagoddessfinch:AGoddessFinch 37 14
Reflection by OneThatDreams Reflection :icononethatdreams:OneThatDreams 1 1


:icontainted-photographs: :iconbloodykillookami: :iconmidnightmay: :iconi-pretend-im-asian: :iconspanish-lullabies: :iconxxramenfoxxx: :iconurusula: :iconemeraldsun: :iconsongofthetrees:


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I have TONS of stuff to put up that I can't right now either A) because I can't upload anything from my camera right now or B) because I haven't typed it yet or C) because it was on my computer which just died. so yeah. after the AP test the world will happen again and I will also update dA but yeah until then I'm just typing this to waste time


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